Resparkle is bringing healthy homes back!

Our mission is to restore the foundation of a healthy home that everyone deserves. All it takes is a little re-think and a generous dash of Resparkle.

Meet the matter behind our mission

We are giving healthy a homecoming like no other. Because that is where good health starts – right at home. Unfortunately chemical-filled household cleaners bring an unwelcome dose of toxins into our homes. That is why we are driven to re-establish healthy homes one Resparkle solution at a time.

So how do we deliver on our mission? By inspiring small change that packs big impact. Making a positive difference to health on an individual, community and environmental level is everyone’s business. At Resparkle, we make it our business to make a healthy home easy, accessible and affordable. Our organic cleaning products range is all this and more.

Resparkle’s CARE crusade

We like to sum up our mission in one word: care. But words alone won’t drive the change we’re looking for. So we go beyond the word to clear meaning that underpins everything we do:


Care: for the health of our homes, our community and our planet


Accessible and Affordable: we believe everyone deserves a safe and healthy home


Reduce packaging: we create smarter packaging and cleaning solutions. Innovation that is kinder to your wallet and to our planet.


Effective and easy to use: we formulate quality products that work. So you can spend less time on chores and more time living your best and brightest life.

Resparkle 為你的家居添加健康色彩!






AAccesssible and Affordable容易接受及負擔得起的價錢,因為健康和安全的家居,我們每個人都應該擁有

RReduce packaging採用全新包裝概念,提倡及實踐循環再用、減棄,為你更省金錢之餘,更為地球出一分力

EEffective and easy to use強而有力的清潔效果,簡便易用,能為你騰出更多時間照顧家人,不會因為環保及節省概念而降低其功效

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